Wednesday, November 9, 2011

TWO-sided love

One-sided TWO-sided love

Sarah doesn’t know that I’m writing this, and I'm not much of a blogger or a good intriguing writer, but I always read her blog and feel like everyone that’s reading this should know that she doesn’t just love me, I love her too! I promise it’s not a one-sided marriage.

She always talks about how grateful she is for the things I do, but for once I want everyone to know that I am grateful too. I loved how on my birthday she had to get a sparkly card just to rub it on my face. I loved how much time she spent trying to decide which of Madeline’s outfits to put in the hospital bag. When I’m at work she always sends me texts letting me know how and what she’s doing. When I get home I find a note that she’s written me telling me how much she missed me and then goes on to tell me what she did/didn’t do that evening. I love those notes!

Here they are on the wall behind my computer. I love reading them

I love coming home and finding her asleep, but a note saying how hard she tried to stay up and wait for me, but just couldn’t. I love how she tells me all about her day; the ups and downs, funny things that happened, and the spiritual ones too. I love how she calls it “rambling” even though I love to hear it. I love how she really tries to do as many dishes as she can before she gets tired of standing there with swollen feet. I love watching her as she sits and stands and lays in awkward positions trying to accommodate an already needy baby, knowing that after Madeline is born she will be just as needy, but Sarah will be a wonderful mother and just as (if not more) accommodating. I love how selfless she is and constantly strives to be.

We have these pictures hanging up in our living room, 

and sometimes when she’s not home (or when she is and just not looking) I stare at them and wonder how I got so lucky to marry that beautiful bride. But then I look at the pictures of my beautiful eight-and-a-half month pregnant bride and think the same thing. As you all know, she’s so excited to be a mom and she tries every day to convince Madeline to come out so we can see her kick and move and cry and dress her up and take pictures or undress her and take pictures too.

Lately we’ve both been worried that after Madeline is born our relationship with each other will change. It probably will to some degree, simply because babies are needy! But I still hope and pray that we can still laugh and joke and talk and watch our favorite TV shows and go on walks and do a lot of the same things that we do now, but with a baby.

I am so grateful that I get to spend eternity with this wonderful woman. She helps me every day to be a little better, a little more caring, a little more Christ-like. I wouldn’t want to endure and enjoy the struggles of mortality with anyone else. I love you Sarah!


  1. This was a great post! Go Jeremy! And lucky Sarah! Both of you are just wonderful and I'm so glad to know you! You'll be great parents:)

  2. Jeremy,
    You are awesome and so is your amazing wife. This is a super sweet post (if I can say "super sweet" to a guy). And you will still laugh, joke, talk, and watch your favorite tv shows. You might be exhausted sometimes, but the love just deepens and gets better :) I promise.


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