We Fell in Love

Most people would say that taking dating advice from your mom is a bad idea... but luckily we are obedient children and listened to the wonderful things our mothers had to say about each other. Here's our story.

Boy and his family move to Spokane way back when boy was three.  Family lives there happily waiting for something good to happen.  Boy leaves to serve a two year mission in Mexico for their church  {boy is kind of an immature jerk before leaving}.  Girl moves with her family to Spokane.  Girl is 15.  Boy's mom approaches girl with the idea of marriage to her son - girl thinks boy's mom is c.r.a.z.y. Girl forgets about crazy mom and continues on through the glorious world of high school {haha... I'm joking}.  Girl has a boyfriend - a very cute, very strong school wrestling captain boyfriend {complete with letterman jacket}.  Right before girl's senior year boyfriend dumps girl.  Girl decides world is over.  Girl's mom likes boy's family.  She mentions that marrying boy might not be a bad idea {mostly mom just likes the idea of boy having incentive to live close with boy families living in Spokane}.  Girl is still sad because of x-boyfriend.  Then one day the sun came out from behind the clouds.  Boy returns home from mission, more handsome and kind than anyone could ever imagine! Girl is friends with boy's old girlfriend {who just so happens to her x-boyfriend's older sister}. Girl is warned that this boy is a bad boy and will break her heart.  Girl ignores advice and boy and girl talk on facebook everyday for a month.  Boy and girl are too shy to talk in public {embarrassing we know...}.  Finally boy gets up courage to ask girl on date.  Girl says yes, not realizing that the date described involves a 5 hour round trip drive with just the two of them.  Boy and girl get to know each other very well due to said 5 hour drive.  Girl decides she kind of likes boy.  Boy really likes girl even though girl is still only 17 years old!  {Girl's parent's aren't wild about boy yet}.  Boy and girl continue to go on dates every once in a while.  Sometimes girl sneaks out, walks to the park, and meets boy there.  Boy decides he wants to kiss girl one night at the park.  So he chases her around park, pins her to the ground, pulls his face in close, and {supposedly} girl kissed boy first. Girl does not remember kissing boy first, but apparently she did.  One thing is for sure though, boy did not just kiss girl.  Boy kissed girl! Girl kind of likes it when boy kisses girl.  So they kiss some more and haven't stopped kissing since.  The summer after girl's graduation from high school, boy and girl decide they want to get married, even though girl is still just 18 !  Girl and boy know they want to get married in the temple, so they decide that the best guarantee of making it there is to get married in December {girl will still only be 18 but its worth it}.  Boy proposes in their park on July 31, 2010 and on December 18, 2010 boy and girl are married for time and all eternity in the Spokane, Washington Temple.

{the end  beginning}

It is true that December 18th was the beginning not the end of all the happiness in the world.  Even though we are crazy and we don't really do things the way most of the world does, we are so happy and have never regretted a thing.  On the following St. Patrick's day I found out I was pregnant.  We are so excited to be welcoming little Madeline into our family and just can't wait til Thanksgiving when she gets here!