Sunday, November 6, 2011

I sure love this guy

I know that probably half of the posts on this blog are about how awesome my husband is, but that's because he is!  Funny story:

Lately I've been having a lot of more painful contractions {still not regular unfortunately...} Anyways, I'm wincing on the floor in major pain, can't even stand up straight, and Jeremy thinks it would be a fantastic idea to tell me about a scripture in Genesis about how God told Eve, "IT'S GONNA HURT!" He then proceeded to pull out the scriptures and show me the exact reference {You know, just incase I wanted to look it up later or something? We're still working on the whole when Sarah is in pain we jump to her side and massage/hold/do whatever she commands thing}  As the pain began to let up he showed me another scripture in John saying that 'I'll forget all about it once I hold her in my arms'.  Thanks honey haha. HA.

BUT he redeemed himself by giving me a long overdue mini-pedicure.

{ L O V E }

Hopefully not much longer :) We can't wait to hold you Madeline!


  1. how cute! Mitch did the pedicure thing does it earn them points!

    So I've heard that lots of braxton hicks and irregular contractions lead to shorter actual labors :o) I didn't experience that, but I have a couple friends who have! Good luck!

  2. you think four older sisters would have taught him, but maybe he's just too immune to it all. but painting the toenails - adorable!


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