Thursday, November 10, 2011

On the Night You Were Born

Today we received a very special package from two very special people.  
My Grandma and Grandpa Miller are currently 
Presiding over the Albuquerque New Mexico Mission.
They've been faithfully serving for the past year and a half - and have just that much more time to go.  While we miss them terribly, we're grateful for their magnificent Christ-like examples.  Leaving your home and family for three years to watch over a bunch of 19-23 year olds (mostly men) can't be an easy chore.  But they are doing it with smiles on their faces.  

When I was born, Grandma and Grandpa 
became grandparents for the first time.
And when Madeline is born, they will become great-grandparents
{But we already think they're great!}

Inside this package was three very special books.
The first is called Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.
I remember my parents reading this to me when I was little. 

And of course no book collection would be complete without the ever classic Goodnight Moon!
{Who doesn't love Goodnight Moon?}

And finally this new little treasure that I had never read before. 
I couldn't help but tear up as I thought about the magical night we'll celebrate with the world on the night that our Madeline is born.  If you haven't read this book, I highly recommend it.  It definitely became one of my favorite childrens' books in a matter of minutes.  
Here are a few of my favorite lines:

On the night you were born,
the moon smiled with such wonder
that the stars peeked in to see you
and the night wind whispered,
"Life will never be the same."
Because there had never been anyone like you...
ever in the world.

Heaven blew every trumpet
and played every horn
on the wonderful, marvelous
night you were born.

I wish I could share the whole book with you, 
but then you wouldn't get to appreciate all the great artwork, too.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for thinking of us and adding to our little book collection.  
We can't wait to read these books all together as a family :)

Love Jeremy, Sarah, and Madeline

P.S. Isn't it just the best thing in the world when you find out you have a thoughtful, romantic husband? {Referring to the post before this one}
Ok... I realize that sounds kind of bad.  Let me see if I can say this better. I've always known Jeremy is amazing and wonderful, but to be perfectly honest, he isn't the overly romantic 'chic-flic' kind of guy you see in movies.  Which is fine.  I love him just the way he is! But its kind of fun to know that he can think of cute things all on his own with out hints. Does this make sense? Or am I just totally throwing him under the boat.  I guess I'm trying to say, I never would have thought Jeremy would think of doing something so sweet, but he did! And I'm happily surprised and glad to know that there is some creative juices flowing through him 
{He claims there aren't any}.  

Ok I'm gonna shut up now and stop making things worse.



  1. how cute! I'm so excited for your little Madeline to get here! Your Miller grandparents are some of the best people I've ever met :o)


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