Saturday, September 17, 2011

Do babies need coats?

I realize this sounds like a really dumb question... but in all honesty I can't think of a single newborn I've ever seen in a coat! Is that weird?  I mean it makes sense that they would... but do you just bundle them up in blankets and hope a hat will suffice? Or do you spend 40 bucks on a little coat that won't fit them through the whole winter? 

I've been thinking about that lately, and I'd LOVE your thoughts and advice. 
Please don't mark me off as an idiot - I seriously want to know!

Thanks guys :)

P.S. isn't the picture just p.r.e.c.i.o.u.s!



  1. Cute picture! Hmmm....I have no experience what-so-ever, but I say, hand-me-downs, or buy a coat that is a little big, so that she can wear it the entire winter.

  2. Blankets are easier to get on and off a squirmy little newborn and cover more area. :)

  3. Well, Nathan was born last November (I can't even comprehend the fact that it's been almost a year!) and we pretty much hibernated. The winters in this part of the country are just fierce and there was a huge flu outbreak in Rexburg last winter. We pretty much didn't take him anywhere for a couple months. We also had a "JJ Cole Bundle Me" that we LOVED. Look it up on Amazon. We got ours for $2 at a garage sale, but they go for about $40 new. They're sheepskin-type fabric inside and zip across the bottom so blankets stay nice and cozied inside them. He was always warm!

  4. Hi, Rachel Sant's mom here. And I went to BYUIsrael with your mom. Babies don't need coats mainly because the carseat straps won't fit right with the coat on. I always used a blanket with holes for the straps or a blanket that goes around the straps. There are a million (give or take five) tutorials on blogland for making them.

    But babies will need hats. Which are adorable and practical. Unlike baby coats.


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