Thursday, September 15, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Thursday

- Having the person next to me during school devotional do a double take because it looked like a raquet ball had just been released in my abdomen.... Thank you Madeline...

- 2 ply toilet paper that isn't aligned. Like I just wanted to try and get some toilet paper that was slightly cheaper, and look what they do! you rip and you get a whole top sheet and half of the ply underneath. {Reminds me of The Office episode when Dwight un-ply's the toilet paper, haha}

- Getting a nice kick in the bladder while trying to empty out my bladder. Baby - I can only pee so fast!

- {Apparently I'm on an awkward-bathroom spree... sorry. I'm in there a lot lately} But anyhoo, at the doctor, giving them my usual urine sample in a cup, putting the cup in the little trap door... there's another cup in there. What the heck? And they're in like little drinking cups {seriously would it kill you to get cups with lids and labels?} So then having to explain that my pee is the lighter yellow on the left - her left, not mine. So awkward!

- Going in to brush my teeth last night, noticing my brush sitting on the edge of the counter, thinking it'd be good to move it so it doesn't fall on the floor, but doing nothing about it.  Dropping the toothpaste into the sink and catapulting my brush right into the...

toilet... Don't worry I used a glove to get it out and threw both the glove and the brush away immediately.  We're good.

- Oh man now I gotta think of some really good awesomes.... Um the fact that it's finally cooling down! hurray!!! Seriously it hasn't been over 80 lately and we've been having rain :) I love rain!

- The fact that I'll be 30 weeks pregnant on Saturday! I feel like we're almost to the home stretch!

- Writing a pretty decent paper in like an hour! wah-bammm!

- The fact that my awkwards end in '...' and my awesomes end in '!'

- Getting to start my new calling as Ward Choir director on Sunday! eek! I'm excited, but nervous too :/ It's gonna be fun!

Well I in all honesty am now officially running late to class... so I should probably go like blow dry my hair hahaha 


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