Monday, October 15, 2012

toddler trouble

There it is, Madeline's first art project (above)
 "Hey mom, did you know these toys you keep giving me OPEN!? Pretty cool, right?"
 "why did you take my fun brush, mom...?"
 "I just loved playing with it so much!"
Madeline's favorite toy for the past few months has been my mascara.  She enjoys carrying it around the house and banging it on different surfaces.  I don't think she (or I) had any idea until this morning that the colorful cylinders she adores so much are also fun for art projects!  

The ironic thing is that right before I made the discovery of the toddler trouble I was thinking to myself, "How nice that she's learning to quietly entertain herself."  Lesson learned.  

Happy Monday!  I've got to go wash a door and make a trip to the store for some new mascara.

p.s. sorry for the horrible flash in these pictures.  The lighting in our house is horrible especially on overcast days so flash it is.... Someday we'll have a house with big windows and natural light streaming in from all directions... :)

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  1. Oh no! This is so funny, but I feel bad, too! Your daughter is adorable! I hope the mascara comes off of everything!



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