Tuesday, October 9, 2012

autumn flowers

You can often find a smile on my face these days.  First of all, how can you not smile with the changing of the seasons.  There's a wonderful crisp feeling in the air, the leaves are adopting warm and welcoming colors and I have beautiful autumn flowers sitting on my windowsill thanks to the most wonderful hubby I could ever ask for.  

Can we talk about him for a minute?  He is the best.  He has spent the past seven days studying his brains out for a week full of exams with the culminating test being the day after Conference weekend. We've talked a lot about studying and in particular how it fits in with keeping the Sabbath day holy.  Before the semester started we decided that regardless of Jeremy's schedule he would choose not to study on Sundays.  We had no idea how hard this would be.  Especially this past Sunday when he had one of the hardest tests of the semester on Monday and he'd spent most of Saturday ''being in church''.  Saturday night he was far from ready.  But he made the choice to put the Lord first and he blessed for it.  He got a 94% on this test he was just hoping to pass.

I am so grateful to this wonderful man I get to call my husband for being the leader of our home, helping us follow the Lord and setting such a great example for me.  And on top of all that, the man surprises me with flowers from time to time.  Life is good.

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