Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Monday



We are loving all the wonderful things October brings.  Cool weather, fall leaves, apple cider, warm soup and pumpkins, just to name a few.  We went for a Sunday walk yesterday.  Madeline enjoyed her first encounter with crunchy, colorful leaves.  She loved it.  

We were enjoying fall treats, too, but after a very painful (for me... Jeremy and Madeline seemed to sleep quite soundly) night of food poisoning last week after eating pumpkin pancakes two nights in a row followed by pumpkin doughnuts the second night, I'm not sure if I want to partake in any more autumn sweets.  HA.  Not likely.  I'll be making some pumpkin chocolate chip bread this week. mmm.....

I would write a long emotional essay about how Madeline will be one in less than a month, but I feel like I've done that already.... so I'll just let you know I'm thinking about it.  I have some great birthday plans in the works though :)

Happy Monday!


  1. You live in a beautiful place, it's quite charming! I love the crunchy leaves stuck to madeline's behind. oh and the red door - i love that one.

  2. Your daughter is adorable! So sweet! :)

    Hope you are feeling better! Being sick is no fun.



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