Friday, January 27, 2012

Funny Story Friday

A couple weeks ago Jeremy was getting ready to give Madeline a bath.
As he took off her diaper, much to his surprise and relief she had 
a clean diaper.  "Hey! Your diaper wasn't dirty! That's so good!"

{We really do have a real baby tub, I just don't have a picture of her in it.  Surprise, I know}

And he proceeds to set her in her little tub and give her a bath.
A few minutes later I hear a little 'blurp' and a, "oh man!"
I guess it wasn't such a good thing that she had a clean diaper.
Because it turned into dirty bath water... 

Lesson learned: A clean diaper isn't always a good thing...

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  1. hahaha so funny! We've been so lucky with Nathan. He only pooped in the bath once, and by then it was solid, so it was easy clean-up before he got out!


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