Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Break

Let's be real.  None of you want to read a long 
wordy post about our Christmas Break.
  So here are some pictures to give you a little taste of our time home.
We spent our time off of school with our families in 
Spokane, Washington. 
It was so wonderful to kick back, relax, forget about school and work and just enjoy time with family.

'Did you really just put me in a stocking?'

'And you're gonna post these pictures on the internet???'

'I don't know how I feel about this guys!'

'But hey I look like a Russian bebe!'
{Read this in a Russian accent}

There were lots of snuggles!

She was kind of a big hit.

Adam proved to be (one of) the cutest little uncle(s)! 
When Madeline got fussy Adam would always try to calm her down 
before just tossing her into my arms.  
Proud big sister moment!

We made soooooo many goodies! Sugar cookies being one of them!

Some ate the cookies more than decorated 
{*cough*cough* Elizabeth and Christian}

My first Christmas I didn't use this stocking... Bitter/Sweet.
{I had every intention of making stockings for 
our family that all coordinated, but that didn't happen.
  Maybe next year! 
We ended up using $4 Target stockings instead}

She was serenaded by Uncle Peter

We celebrated New Years Eve with Italian sodas.
{Yes I am the Vanna White of Whipped Cream}

mmm....mmm.... good!

And luckily Jeremy learned how to sleep on the
 couch with Madeline without her falling off the couch
{Yes that did happen.... Yes she is fine... Yes Jeremy learned his lesson}

Sadly I didn't take more pictures... It's so hard to remember! 
I was just too busy enjoying all the festivities!  
Hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone already. 
 It always goes by way too fast. 

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  1. adorable pictures! I love seeing your siblings all grown up!

    That last picture is just darling! I love how serene they both look...there is nothing like daddies with their little babies! :o)


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