Saturday, December 17, 2011


I've never been very good at geography....
You know how you focus on learning your states
 and world geography in 4th and 7th grade?
Yeah... I was home schooled during those years. 

When we were flying home, however, Jeremy and
 I both brought the word stupid to a whole new level.
{For the record we both know the things I'm about to tell you - 
we had just finished finals and hello we have a
 three week old baby.  We're kinda tired...}

So we're flying into the Oakland Airport and the
 airport is positioned right on the San Francisco Bay. 

A picture for those of you who are as bad at geography as us

It's not broad daylight, but it's about 3:00 in the 
afternoon so the light is pretty dang good.
Jeremy looks out the window and says, 
"Hey Sarah, I think that's the..." He didn't finish his sentence.  
But I knew he was going to say, "OCEAN." 
 The funniest part was that you could see mountains across the bay.  
I literally lol'd.  And yes I just said lol'd.  I'm that cool. 

But then, me being the girl who's just super good at 
awesome comebacks says, "Yep - that bridge leads to Europe Jeremy!" 
oops.... I quickly corrected myself and said, "I mean JAPAN."
{dang it...}

But luckily Jeremy took the cake later when he was 
commenting on the fact that he's never seen the ocean.  
He said, "Yeah I saw Pearl Harbor when
 I was in Seattle. -- I mean Puget Sound..."

Hope you enjoyed a good laugh at the stupid things we sometimes say!


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  1. haha I love it. I'm so glad you are recording funny stuff like this so you can remember it! I know we said crazy stuff when we were so tired with a newborn, but I can't remember any of it (because, you know, of the tired...)


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