Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cousin Fun

Four of Madeline's cousins came to play today! 
They drove all the way from Clearfield to see Madeline 
and their Grandma - not us.  We're boring. HA.

Madeline is the fourth of five girls to be born 
this year on Jeremy's side of the family.  
{The last of which was born today! Congrats Jon & Kim!}
When Katelyn came over today we just had to get a picture (or two or twenty) of them together.
FYI Katelyn is 5 months old.  Madeline is 3 weeks old.  

Katelyn was fascinated with Madeline. 
 It almost looked like Madeline was going to be her new favorite toy.

In case you didn't know Madeline's feet can be quite extraordinary.

And then her feet weren't interesting enough so she went for the face. 

Sequence (1/3) Madeline looks a little uneasy here.

(2/3) And then a lot more uncomfortable.

(3/3)  And that was the last picture we took.  

I can't wait to get all 5 girls together next summer for a picture! It'll be so fun to see them a little older and more evened out size wise.  
Katelyn is just a really big girl! But she's a cutie!

Thanks for coming guys!

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