Friday, December 16, 2011

Awkward/Awesome: Airport Style

- Trying to type while breastfeeding (i.e. one-handed) and 
subsequently spelling awkward with a 'Q'
Thank goodness for backspace. {And no I wasn't trying to 
type and breastfeed at the same time in the airport.
 I save that for the comfort of my own home}

- Getting in line to board your flight and waiting in said line for a good twenty minutes only to find out that this line is boarding a plane to Houston and not Spokane. And then soon after hearing an announcement over the intercom, obviously in connection to you, that they are now boarding to Houston and not Spokane. Thank goodness this wasn't us...

- Waiting to board with a crying baby and feeling the
 annoyance radiating from the other passengers that a 
fussy baby is going to be on their two hour flight.

- Boarding said flight with now sleeping baby but 
having to walk the aisle past business select glaring
 at you for having the audacity to fly with a baby.

- Madeline slept the whole flight! Boo-yah business select!

- Walking into the airport in SLC and seeing a massive security line.  We had plenty of time, but still, who likes waiting in those never ending lines?  We'd been in line probably less than a minute when a kind, angelic TSA guy escorted us to the small child line! Oh the sweet rewards of carrying around a baby {they are few but sweet} 

- Getting our picture taking with Santa {for FREE} during our three hour layover - saWEET!

- My awesome Mother-in-law who came down to help us through finals week and did wonders for my nerves flying home. It felt so good to know she was there incase Madeline fell apart because I think Jeremy and I would have too. Luckily nobody fell apart and we made it safely to Spokane.

We are so happy to be home for Christmas and we're glad we 
don't have to be in Utah for almost three weeks!
 No offense Utah-ans, we just like the Northwest. 


**A big thanks to Husband for taking over the typing after the title**

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  1. awesome!! All of that sounds just great! Well, except the awkward parts :o) I LOVE the airport Santa--what a fantastic idea! And the small child line? Nathan has flown twice when he was 2 months old and we never saw anything like that!


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