Thursday, October 6, 2011

the ups and the downs

When I was growing up during dinner we would almost always go around the table and share with the family the 'ups' and 'downs' of our day.  You had to have at least two ups for every one down (you know...  to keep things optimistic).  I thought instead of doing my awkwards and awesomes I'd share my ups and downs.  So here we go!

The Downs {so we end on a happy note}:
My doctor basically told me that I can expect to have Madeline late - because I was late.  But that he wouldn't let me go longer than a week.  This might be a December baby after all... alas... December is good too. Not November, but it works ha

Some how we kind of skipped over fall - its snowing on the mountains... bummer, right?
{Not that I'm not excited for winter - but I was really looking forward to fall!}

I just used my last packet of Apple Cider... Cue trip to the store.

I wanted to make banana bread - but they only had GREEN bananas.  So I have to wait for them to cross the entire banana spectrum of ripening to make banana bread.  *muttering* "patience is a virtue... patience is a virtue..."

The Ups
That last cup of apple cider was soooo good!

Its finally cold outside! I love the crisp magical feeling of fall in the air. Its so wonderful!

Husband let me go shopping yesterday :) Just for two cheap shirts that actually fit over my belly.
{We were virtually down to 3 shirts - makes for a rather monotonous wardrobe... Now we're up to 5 shirts haha only 2 more months!}

We had chocolate-chip waffles with cinnamon and hot chocolate for breakfast this morning!
...yes I realize that makes me appear to be a 5 year old.... whatever.

Next week marks the half way point for this semester! say wahhh? Where does the time go? 
I literally can't believe it ha

My husband is a-mazing.  I've been wearing flip flops for the past several months (they're easy to get on and my swollen feet can still fit in them) BUT seeing as its 39 degrees and rainy/snowy outside I figured closed toe shoes would be better. I, however, couldn't get them on myself so my a-mazing husband did it for me :) What a great guy!

I have successfully memorized 100 terms for my test tonight and only have like 50ish to go... ha

I only need one more up and uh... yay! 
{I realize that last one probably doesn't count... oh well...}

Hope you all have fabulous days!


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