Monday, October 24, 2011

Last Weekend {Including a recent picture of the 8 month pregnant me}

Last weekend was simply F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!
My Dad, and two of my sisters, Hannah and Rachel, and my brother Joshua drove down to Utah for my cousin Stephen's wedding.  It was so fun to see them and celebrate Stephen's special day!

They were married in the beautiful Salt Lake City Temple.  It was such a special sealing :) Reminded me of ours (10 months ago! Where does the time go?) I've never seen Stephen so happy!

Joshua had a hard time warming up to me - perhaps because I look a little different than I did a few months ago.  Plus I think he was a little overwhelmed being in a new place with lots of unfamiliar people.  But he warmed up soon enough.

Here it is - a picture of me... I seriously don't see myself this big, well I do, but it always surprises me to see pictures of myself.  But it's officially documented! We're posing with the cardboard cut out of David, our cousin (Stephen's brother) who is on a mission in Florida.  

Stephen had this grin on ALL day! It was so cute! We're so glad you found each other
 Stephen and Amy :)

Don't you love the cake! I thought the Temple was a precious touch.

You'll notice that this picture has Joshua and I out of focus.  That's because I REALLY wanted a picture of the guy just over my left shoulder.  Can you see his mustache? Doesn't even do it justice! That thing was like 4 inches long on both sides! I knew Jeremy would appreciate it, and he couldn't come, so I had my dad take a picture of Joshua and I.  Dad had never done anything like this before and he was laughing so hard lol good times... 

Cutest wedding gift ever!
{Coming from the girl who absolutely loves Martinelli's}

Congrats Stephen and Amy! Thanks for giving us a reason to get together :)

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