Friday, October 14, 2011


Jeremy loves Monopoly.  I'm pretty sure in my 19 years of life I've played maybe 2 times? And they were Monopoly Jr.  But I finally decided it was ridiculous that my husband and I had never played his favorite game, so I got it to surprise him :) 
{Is there something about being a man that says you can't show 
excitement when your wife spontaneously decides to give you a gift?}

Anyway... Monopoly is a long game! I'd forgotten just how long, but was reminded of why I never play haha.  We've had fun thought :)
 Sometimes it makes me laugh what a nerd my husband is lol but I love it! 
And I love him!!! 

Oh by the way, we're still not done.... And we've only put like 4 hours into it so far? 


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  1. What a great wife you are! Love means taking a little interest in their big interest!


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