Sunday, September 30, 2012

she really is a little einstein

Remember this post? Turns out we really do have a little genius on our hands.  A few months ago I thought she was learning stuff quickly but the learning is speeding faster and faster and I am just overwhelmed by how quickly our little girl is growing up.  Do I have baby fever right now?  Yes.  (For the record I'm not pregnant).

One of her favorite little "tricks" lately has been the position you see above and below.  She loves when I surprise her by looking between her legs and saying, "BOO!"  As you probably noticed in this video, she loves playing peek-a-boo.

Not only did she start walking yesterday, her vocabulary decided to blossom today.  She's been saying, "bye bye" (pronounced 'buh buh') for weeks now but that's all she's really said.  Today she decided she'd add a couple of words to the mix.  This includes ,"ni ni ni ni ni...." (aka "no") which we're not exactly thrilled about.. but she's only told her daddy, ''ni ni ni ni ni",  so I still think it's cute :)  She even said it in situations that make sense (i.e. Daddy is changing her diaper and won't let her roll around (see picture below) or Daddy won't let her pull everything out of the diaper bag at church).  She also sometimes accompanies "no" with the shake of her head.  It's not going to be cute, soon, but for a couple days. ha.

She's said, "ah duh" (all done) today, too.  She did it when she was done eating and did it simultaneously with her 'ASL' sign I taught her.  I'm so proud of my little munchkin! 

After offering her some water this morning, Madeline responded with, "wah wah", and crawled on over to gulp down some agua.

It's kind of funny that she said so many new words today because last night Jeremy commented on how, "She doesn't really talk that much anymore."  He was referring to how she hadn't done much babbling yesterday.  Right after that we got in the car and drove to the church and she BABBLED the whole way over.  She hasn't stopped talking since.

Just now we've been practicing more walking and she has no trouble starting on her bum, standing up and walking anywhere she pleases.  The distances she walks without falling are getting longer and longer.  It's all happening too fast and yet I'm so eager to encourage her and help her grow!

She never ceases to get into trouble.  Always emptying bags, pulling things off of shelves and out of cupboards.  She's just busy.  My philosophy has kind of been if it doesn't hurt her and it makes a mess that'll take a minute or less for me to clean up, then whatever.  She's not aloud in the bathroom or the cupboards under the sink, but other than that she explores all over the house.  Some days it's one step forward two steps back, but I love finding a little mess that means she's been here recently. 

{I spy with my little eye...}

Madeline is such a joy and a blessing to have in our home and our family and I thank God everyday for letting me be her mother. 

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