Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An Update On Our Little Girl

Hey everybody! Hows life going for you? My life is - well it was a long day... 
School is exciting and I'm loving the feeling of having purpose in my life again {the whole sit around all day thing gets kinda boring after a while} So far I enjoy my classes - I'm a little nervous about one, but over all they are exciting and I'm ready to dominate this semester :)

Just a fun little story from my Floral Design Class.  The teacher is loud and fun and kinda off the wall in an awesome sort of way.  We have four midterms and we only have to take three! haha! How awesome is that?  Oh and there's no final wowza! That means that midterm right after thanksgiving doesn't have to be taken so I'm kinda pumped lol

Today I had a doctor's appointment and {other than the fact that my stupid old doctor didn't get my records faxed... grrr....} it was so fun to hear her heartbeat. I feel her kick all day, and I love it. Its magical.  But there's something about hearing the beating heart of a beautiful daughter of God growing inside of me.  And growing FAST!  I'm 27 and a half weeks pregnant, and she is measuring at 29 weeks! say wah??? She'd better come on the Friday before Thanksgiving, cause I am not giving birth to a 10 lb baby! I'm not as generous as her aunts lol

Madeline definitely likes college, as soon as I sit down for class its just kick kick kick and I love it :)  I'd like to think that she's proud of me, for not choosing between an education and being her mom.  That she's proud of me for holding my head high on campus, even when it seems that there are constantly eyes piercing down on me screaming, 'irresponsible, stupid, careless' etc.  I don't know if people are really thinking it, but it feels like it. Is it weird that I think of her as my friend and in my mind she's a little more competent than in actuality she is?  I can't wait for the adventures we're going to have together.  I'm excited to give all of myself in a way I never have before to someone who needs me and relies on me.  I can't wait to paint her nails, and go shopping with her :)  To lay down the law, and watch as she laments over her 'ending life'; to be her shoulder to cry on and her confidant. To have picnics at the park and lay on Jeremy's chest while we watch her play on the playground, and dry her tears when she gets hurt. I know, I know, motherhood is harder than it looks, but there's those good, amazing magical moments too, right? I have to believe there are.  

And I can't wait to have them :D



  1. so cute! I'm glad you think of her in that way! I thought about Nathan that way too when I was pregnant and in school. I love that, even though I have to be in school all day (it's Mitch's "off-semester"...a BYU-I thing) while he stays home with Mitch, I love that he'll never remember me being in school!

  2. Sarah! I loved your post! You are going to make a great mother! I don't think that people are staring at you with bad thoughts, I think they are admiring you and are wishing they were as confident as you!
    I love ya girl! Let me know if you need anything!


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