Thursday, August 18, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Thursday

- The fact that husband and I sat on the couch {quite literally} all day and watched reruns of The Office.  We needed a break, k?  Don't tell me you never have one of those days.  We've already promised each other today will be much more productive! Yet here I am at 11:00am, still in my pajamas sitting on the couch... no comment.
- Having totally random strangers come up and rub my belly.   I guess it doesn't bother me bother me, it just took me by surprise.  I've never done that to someone, but hey, it works, I can be friendly!
- Walking around Target for way longer than needed.  I have a spacey brain my friends.  I walked from the peanut butter, to the shoes, back to the bread, to the water filters, to just back and forth around the store searching aimlessly for random things.  I'm just that cool.

- Watching my belly move from the outside.  Not gonna lie it kind of freaked husband out haha but its so cool!  I can't believe that in just over three months we'll be holding Madeline and ahh!  So crazy awesome :)
- A hard working, responsible, amazing, wonderful, perfect {ok not perfect... but close} husband who has done everything he can to provide for our family, and make sure we're alright, even if that means taking on a bunch of random, not so fun shifts at work.  I love you babe!!!
- The amazing job we're going to do cleaning out our old apartment today! wah-bamm! It's gonna be sparkling!

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