Saturday, July 12, 2014

this is why we came

Some of you know we are on the other side of the country right now in the great state of Washington. We came for a number of reasons, mostly to enjoy time with family and help send my brother Peter off on his mission to St. Louis. But I think the thing I've been looking forward to the most as we've anticipated this trip, is getting to let Madeline roam free. It's made my heart so full to watch her run outside without shoes, to give her a bath every night because she's filthy, to take her canoeing, and tubing on grandpa's boat, to let her play in the sprinklers, to see her build relationships with my family and to know, whenever she's 'missing' she's just on the side of the house helping herself to some of grandma's raspberries.  Baltimore has a lot to offer, but you'll never find a yard quite like my parents in inner city Baltimore. I know it's where we're supposed to be right now, and I'm loving our short season of city living, but believe me when I say I'm looking forward to the day when this isn't vacation, this is life.

(little side rant: for the first time I've had a memory card damaged!? I don't even know how... I just know that all of a sudden every picture I took on the plane, before my brother left, the fourth of July - everything is "damaged" and I can't upload it... GAH!!!!! So sorry these are the first photos I'm getting up of our trip. Believe me it's not what I wanted. Anyone had this problem before? Success in recovering the files?) 

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