Wednesday, April 23, 2014

easter family picture

Walking home from church on Sunday we walked past an middle-aged woman sitting on a bus stop bench. I noticed she was dirty and unkempt. Silently I judged her and complained to myself that she didn't have the curtesy to wait an extra ten seconds before lighting up her cigarette. I mean at least wait until my kids are past you lady!

She didn't wait and I felt her exhale surround my family in a film of smoke. 

But something happened that I didn't anticipate. With that breath she wished us a happy Easter. She told us what a beautiful family we were and how great we looked in our Easter clothes. She made a special effort to greet Madeline on her level and then she suggested that we remember to take a family picture that afternoon.

Time and time again I am reminded of the goodness people. Reminded that we are all children of God. That our Savior suffered for not just me, my family and friends, but for all people. He loves us equally and I would do well to remember that.

Of course we didn't get to that nice family picture... We did manage to take a few pictures together after skyping with family... just incase, you know, you haven't had enough photobooth pictures lately ;) But we pretty much wore what we wore for our family pictures on Luke's blessing day and you can see those here.

The past few weeks have been hard. It's pretty amazing the things life teaches you... I was talking to a friend after a really hard couple of days and she commented on how well I had handled everything. She told me she was proud of me for dealing with this particular situation so well. All I could really say was,"It's amazing how powerful the Atonement is when you allow it to work in your life." And I really do believe that. 

Life is hard, but it is GOOD. Hard things make us stronger when we trust in Him. There isn't much that excites me more than feeling myself grow. Even when it's hard and I don't know how everything will work out, trusting in Him and allowing Him to lead me, it's exhilarating. 

There's been lots of growing lately and I'm sure I have more growing in my future, but I'm grateful for the opportunities I'm given to become better. Grateful for a Heavenly Father who is in control and grateful for Christ who made it all possible.

p.s. my cousin showed me this article explaining the connection of the bunny and eggs to Easter. I figured I should show you after my little rant yesterday. Thanks Alexis :) 
p.p.s. I still think the world should cool it on the Easter presents....

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  1. Love the family photos. :) I appreciate you sharing this experience with me! You truly are amazing and I am so grateful for your insight! I'm grateful that you remind me to do better and how lucky we are to be able to go through hard things and grow! Thanks Sarah


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