Thursday, February 13, 2014

boobs: and all Madeline has to say about them

It's a terribly cold wintry day and except for a little frolicking in the snow we've felt pretty cooped up today. So why not lighten things up with a slightly inappropriate (maybe it depends on who you ask?) conversation. 

Boobs has seemed to be the buzz word at our house the past few days. Madeline has managed to work it into several conversations both accidentally and on purpose.

Sunday morning I wasn't feeling great. I'd had a very clogged duct and probably a little mastitis for several previous days so between getting over that and having a little bit of an emotion melt down I was  kind of a mess. I was sitting on the bed sobbing when sweet, sincere Madeline came up to me with what must have been all the serious sincerity she had in her and said (with a touch of dramatic facial expression),"Mommy... your boobs hurt?" Needless to say I felt a bit better after we had a good laugh about that. It's amazing the things she picks up on! I keep forgetting she takes in everything we say...

Then yesterday morning as I was getting dressed, she snatched a bra from my hands and said, "No, no I wear the boobs, mommy."  Not yet, love. Enjoy it while you still can :)

And finally, this morning as we were getting ready to go outside and play in the snow she kept talking about boots, but as you might guess it sounds a lot more like 'boobs' than 'boots'.  So it was, "Daddy you found your boobs!" "Where did my boobs go?" "I found my boobs!" "Daddy put his boobs on?" 

Oh miss Madeline we love you! You bring so much joy and laughter into our home. Life is so much better having you around :)

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