Saturday, April 21, 2012

bad mom?

If I showed you a picture of our apartment right now you would see one sad sight. Boxes are stacked under and around the kitchen table. Packing tape has made its residence in more than one place. Stacks of junk line the walls. Trash is lined up by the door ready to be taken out.  The walls are bare making the cinder blocks seem more cinder-blocky and less homey. Furniture is lying in disassembled piles on the floor. Miscellaneous items are strewn here and there and three very tired and confused people are ready to be done.  

We're moving this week.  

Boy if I thought moving was hard the last time around I was wrong.  Because moving across the country and moving across town are two different things.  And moving with out a baby and moving with a baby are also two very different things.  

I've found that its nearly impossible to get anything done with a baby on my hip.  Little hands seem to want to help with everything.  She really does mean well and for the most part she's happy.  But it still seems that time goes by faster than I can get anything done.  

And so I pulled out the big guns.  I gave in to Baby Einstein.  I really don't want Madeline to grow up watching a lot of tv.  We've tried hard to make sure it doesn't happy too often.  But this was my last resort.  So I propped the babe (as her daddy calls her) up against some pillows in our bed and set my laptop in front of her and much to my relief surprise she sat there fascinated for a whole half hour.  


Now the trick is to not prop her up in front of the lap top all day every day...  but every once in a while is ok, right?

happy weekending!


  1. nice! Baby Einstein has always done that for Nathan when we need it trips on daddy's laptop when he's screaming and can't be settled (just wants to be OUT of the carseat!), when any of us is sick or in the middle of finals week, etc. :o)

  2. I tried Baby Einstein, and that didn't really do it for Thaye. He loves PianoGuys, and I love that they have a YouTube playlist that will play through multiple music videos and not stop at just one. He's been watching even more PianoGuys since our house has been on the market. There is no way I can clean our house quickly without them. Bad Mom? I submit not :)

  3. Not a bad mom at all =) gotta do what ya gotta do!!! Do you guys have a door way hanging bouncer thing? Man, Payson LOVES it. He bounces and bounces forever totally content.
    Happy packing and moving!! I'm sure it's insane moving with a baby...good luck!!


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