Friday, March 9, 2012


Dear Disneyland,
It seems like everybody is
going to see you lately.
I miss you. It's been way
too long since I've been to 
you. You are amazing.
Maybe in a few years I'll
bring Madeline when she 
can appreciate you.
Also, I will NOT be 
pregnant when we come
because I want to ride
the roller coasters!

Dear Dishes,
your getting cleaned
today so get ready.
No more sink parties
for you.

Dear bed,
you are so warm
and wonderful
but you are putting a strain
on my relationship with
my running shoes.
Especially at 6:00
in the morning.
But hey, don't stop
being warm and wonderful.
We'll work through this.

Dear period,
You haven't been
here in over a year.
And it has been SO NICE!
I feel like a ten year old
girl trying to figure you out again...
The past week hasn't been fun.
cramps suck.
But I guess I'll see you next month...

Dear shower,
I used you today!
Not only used you but
used you before 9:00!
And put make up on before
9:00 too! We'll work on the
hair thing tomorrow...?
Oh also, your drain isn't
working too well.  Drain-o
didn't help and I don't know 
what to do because it's gross 
standing in a foot of water
 by the end of my shower.  
Hope we can resolve this soon.

Dear body,
I feel like I've treated
you poorly the past 
19 years, and I'm sorry.
I've called you mean
things and put too much
junk food into you.
I haven't put enough 
fruits and veggies 
in you and I'm sorry
you didn't know what
exercise was til recently.
Feels good doesn't it! 
I'll keep doing it. 
You are amazing and 
you deserve more.

Dear scriptures,
I love that we've been
getting together early in the 
morning and really studying.
Focusing on Christ really makes
for a great start to my day. 
Let's keep this up!

Dear Madeline,
Your smiles melt my heart,
they really so. But I feel like
its too early to have teeth 
in those smiles. Bed time has been
hard the past few nights.
But I still love you to the moon and 
back. And no matter what --
I always will.

Dear Husband,
Remember the other day
when we went to the store
and spent less than 45 bucks
on a weeks worth of groceries?!
And that included new shampoo
and conditioner for me, too!
And remember how we didn't 
fight about money on the way
home cause you were so proud 
of me for not spending $100.
I liked that. I'm going to be
more budget conscious from
now on because it made us
so much happier. And that's 
more important than ice cream.

Dear Sun,
Thanks for shining in Provo
lately.  I took Madeline outside 
just to enjoy you the other day.
Keep shining.  

Dear life,
I've been enjoying
you more the past few
weeks? Hope you've noticed.


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  1. This was such a cute post Sarah! I love reading your posts! I love seeing pictures of Madeline as well. She is adorable! Love ya!


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