Wednesday, August 6, 2014

lake photos - date with my Jeremy

I often wish we took more time to enjoy one another's company without a million distractions. It doesn't take long for me to remember how great we are together, but I find I do need the reminder from time to time. I won't pretend we are blissfully in love day in and day out. We have challenges and disagreements.... Still he is my everything. He's a tools, fix-it, handyman and I find it incredibly attractive. Hardworking, handsome, an excellent husband, impeccable father, smart, funny... I love him. 

I can easily imagine it isn't a walk in the park to be married to me. I can be moody like you can't imagine... (or maybe if you know me you can ;) ) He must feel like he's chasing a boomerang most days, trying to make me happy. I'm so grateful to be married to someone who looks past my many imperfections. He reassures me I am beautiful when I'm sure that I am not. He appreciates my talents and passions then helps me to become better.  He encourages me to strive for greatness. To chase my dreams.

I love the dreams we share... talking about our future home and life is one of my favorite past times. I love drifting to sleep listening to his gentle voice while he reads aloud. I love knowing he's there during the night. I find so much safety and security knowing he's in this crazy life thing with me. I'm grateful he's the kind of guy I can depend on.

This morning, for the first time, I called him through the clinic's receptionist when I couldn't get ahold of him on his cell. I knew he was with a patient and surrounded by superiors, but it was a potential emergency and I needed to consult with him. I was concerned that he might get in trouble or that he'd be a little upset being interrupted, but when he came to the phone all I heard was his calm and collected voice. Happy to help me see through the situation. On a day like today, I couldn't have handled any less, and I'm so grateful he's the kind of man who can put his wife first, especially when she needs it. Butterflies is what I miss most from before we were married and this morning, hearing his professional voice on the other line reminded me of what butterflies feel like. Goodness I love him.

Don't be deceived, he isn't perfect. But he's got potential, I assure you. So here's to his dirty socks on the floor and dishes left on the table. Even though I wouldn't mind him picking up after himself a little more ;) here's to being grateful to have someone to pick up after.  Here's to more time together. Here's to my Jeremy, the man I get to spend eternity with.

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