Monday, July 16, 2012

CHINA: Have you ever been lost?

We took a train from Xi'an to ....another city.... that I can't remember the name of... and probably couldn't spell even if I could... anyway, took a train to our next destination.  After we got off this train ride we were supposed to two of the director's daughters as well as a van driver who would take us to the city where the beloved Eagles Wings Foster Home is located.  There were two exits from the train station and we didn't know which one we were supposed to take.  Once you went out you couldn't go back in.  For some reason we couldn't get ahold of the people we were supposed to and it was just a really scary half hour.  Luckily we were stranded by KFC where I attempted to order us some much needed "nourishment".  Language barriers are real people. 

While the sun is beautiful, it's quite uncomfortable to not see sky for ten days because of haze/smog.  It's not a good thing when you can stare directly at the sun with no consequences... 

boyscouts are useless when you're lost in China... just sayin' 

I'm pretty sure mom isn't actually crying... 

And cute Hannah stayed nice and positive the whole time :)

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