Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CHINA: glad to be home

Last night we returned from our wonderful adventure in China.  I feel pretty embarrassed about how horribly I kept up with blogging and picture taking on our trip.  Between jet-lag, keeping a seven month old happy (she actually did EXTREMELY well!), having what I'm pretty sure was a miscarriage, food poisoning, oh and not being able to get online for most of the trip it just didn't really happen.  My dad wrote a beautiful tribute to each of our days in China that you can read on his family blog at  I really suggest reading it if you want a real glimpse of what our trip was like.  Oh and my dad takes GREAT pictures.  

Obviously I plan on writing about some of our adventures and sharing my small collection of pictures.  But I need to go through those pictures and kind of gather my thoughts.  So until then I hope you enjoy reading about our trip here.  

Just incase you were wondering, yes, if I were over thirty and an extra $20,000 - $30,000 hanging around, these boys would be home with us.  I fell hard for them.

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  1. Oh! How I wish you could bring those two boys home. You'll have to tell me more about them, so I can help find them families. And who in the world has $20k-$30 laying around? ;) The Lord wants these children to have a family, and he helps it to happen. I've seen the miracles happen over and over. Can't wait to read more about it all.


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